Saturday, August 30, 2014

VMworld account - change email and update account status (partner, alumni, VCP, and VMUG member)

Changing email

For the VMworld account, it is possible to change most information via the 'edit profile', but not the email.
To change the email, you have to open a ticket with VMworld support.

Here is info and link:

"Due to security protocol, the registration team are unable to make changes to account details.  The account support team will be able to action this for you.  They can be contacted via an online line found here"

Updating Partner, Alumni, VCP status

After changing my email address, all info connected to the VMworld account about Partner, VCP, VMUG, and VCP status were gone (this is required to obtain e.g. Alumni discount). To update this info, another ticket has to be created. It took about one working day.

Here is info and link (same link as above):

"In order to validate your Alumni, VCP, Partner and VMug you need to ensure that your previously used e-mail addresses are all linked.

Please contact the account support team quoting your Partner ID and years you have previously attended on the link below who will be able to assist.