Sunday, December 13, 2009

P2V post migration checklist

When doing P2V projects, I usually have a short, written checklist on my desk to make sure I remember everything. The list is as follows:

For hot migration:

  1. Disable relevant services on the source machine
  2. When configuring the P2V, don't set the VM for autoboot upon completion
  3. Adjust hardware on the VM before first boot (remove serial ports etc)
  4. Check that VMware Tools installs correctly
  5. Adjust the HAL if needed
  6. Uninstall HP software
  7. Remove hidden NIC's
  8. Set IP - if static IP (Start -> Run -> ncpa.cpl)
  9. Check services.msc to ensure that all automatic services are running (and that you re-enabled the ones that you disabled to begin with)
  10. Shutdown the physical server (shutdown /s /t 0 from CMD)
  11. Ping -t the physical server and when it stops responding, then enable the NIC on the VM
  12. Reboot the VM

After this, I typically handover the VM to the Windows Operations team which check the eventlog and such, and then they hand it over to the application testers before releasing it into production.


  1. Good list, can you link the "Remove Hidden NIC's" to your article that explains that process? That article was the reason I subscribed to your RSS ;)


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