Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Identifying your WWN id's via ILO

For the storage department to be able to zone up one or more LUNs to a given ESX host, they need three pieces of information:

  • ESX host name (FQDN)
  • WWN id's of the HBA's
  • If new LUN, then the size of the LUN. If you're zoning existing LUNs, then they need to know the storage group that the host should be added to (this can be done by providing hostname of one or two existing hosts that already have that zoning).
The WWN id can be identified both from the VI client (Configuration -> Storage Adapters) and from the service console. But this can only be done after ESX has been installed.

Sometimes, it can be useful to be able to fetch WWN info before the host has been installed. This way, the storage department can begin zoning right away.

To identify WWN id's from ILO

  • Log into ILO either directly or via the blade enclosure
  • Go to the Information tab of your server
  • WWN id can be found under the info box for your HBA (see screendump below)

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