Thursday, February 10, 2011

Capacity Planner - reports don't work in 2.8.0

After the recent upgrade of Capacity Planner to version 2.8.0 a number of minor changes have been introduced some of which has been mentioned in a previous post. But there is one change in particular which has been giving me grey hair.

The problem was the Reports link did not work: The first project I created, after the upgrade, was done in the regular fashion using the wizard, choosing CA or CE etc. After this I registered the Collector database ID and started uploading data. Data was sent fine. But it did not show up in the Dashboard even after a week of waiting. In the projects overview it stated for the project that there was 'not enough data' and the collector success rate was at 0%. Clicking on the project gave the following info: 'Cannot display dashboard: no statistics data has been collected'.

But there are two tabs on the Dashboard front page of which the default is Projects and the other one is Companies. My data was showing under the Companies tab, not under Projects, as I had not created a separate project for this customer/company.

And here's the part that was driving me nuts. Even though I could see the data, I could not run the reports. When I tried clicking the reports link nothing happened - there was no drop down box and mouse-over on the link showed 'javascript:void(0)'. This is quite a big deal as I'm usually using the Assessment reports as the final product of the Capacity Planner for the customer.

The trick to fix it was to create a new project and attach it to the existing customer (this can be done during the wizard - after the customer has been created). And then, also as part of the wizard, you can choose the relevant servers to be included in that particular project (I chose all). And then you have to wait a one or two days for the data warehouse to process the changes (yes it can take a couple of days...). After this, the Reports -> Optimization Reports link will be available again.


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  2. by customers, you mean 'company' right?

    i had the same issue too with CP 2.8

  3. Yes, you're right, the tab is called Companies. I have corrected in the post. thanks.

  4. I know this is an old post but I was having the same problem and just found a solution, your post above pointed me in the right direction.

    You don't need to create a whole new project to get around this. If you go to the 'Setup' tab of the Step by Step Guided Assessment page, you can click 'Edit Project Info' link then go to the 'Selected Systems' tab and select all the servers you want to include.

    Hope this helps,


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