Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Installing AzCopy v10 on Linux

AzCopy v10 is a command line tool (CLI) for copying files between clients and Azure Blob.

In previous versions the application had to be installed on the client machine. With v10 this is no longer required. AzCopy is now a single file that is downloaded and can be run standalone.

Go here to download the correct version for your OS.

To install:

Go to the above link and copy the download link for Linux OS (will be used with wget command below):

Log in to your server as a regular user

Download the tar.gz file to your home folder:

$ wget

Untar the archived files:

$ tar -xvf downloadazcopy-v10-linux

Go into to the untar'ed folder to locate azcopy executable:

$ cd azcopy_linux_amd64_10.0.4/

Verify that you can run the program:

$ ./azcopy

This will show you which version you're running.

If you have already installed a previous version of azcopy, this will be called unless you specify the full path to the new version.

You can remove the old version simply by deleting the executable (I'm fairly sure that this is sufficient):

$ sudo rm /usr/bin/azcopy

Next copy the new version in to the same location (/usr/bin is likely already in your PATH it can be run from everywhere):

$ sudo cp azcopy /usr/bin/

Go to the root folder, run azcopy and verify that it's v10:

$ cd /

$ azcopy

Alternatively, you can leave the old version and rename the new one to azcopy10. Or you can create an alias for the file and put in your ~/.bashrc_aliases file, see link here for info.

See this link for example copy commands.

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