Friday, December 22, 2023

Azure policy: Reducing the default evaluation time for auto A record creation for private endpoints

 I have previously written about the use of Azure policy to automatically create A records for private endpoints in centrally managed private DNS zones. You can see more here and here. And the general recommended setup from MSFT is available here.

One of the slightly annoying things about the standard Azure policies is that they use the default evaluation delay time (10 minutes) for when a DeployIfNotExist policy runs. This means that when you create a private endpoint, it takes around 10 minutes before the A record is created in the private DNS zone. This creates, in addition to the added wait time, some confusion from users as they don't know whether their deployments work or not.

This evaluation delay time can be minimized by using the optional property for DeployIfNotExist type policies called EvaluationDelay. This is described in more detail here.

There are different values that can be set for this property, but to get the best effect, I'd recommend using AfterProvisioningSuccess. This will run the policy as soon as the private endpoint has been successfully deployed.

You can see an example of a policy using this property here on Github. And below is an example as well.

Note that this property does not only apply to DNS record creation. It can be used for other DeployIfNotExist policies as well where you want the resources deployed right away.

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