Thursday, February 11, 2010

Example of an HA error - and a fix

The other day, I got an HA error when trying to add a new host into a cluster. It was weird, as the host was identical to the others - same model, same installation procedure, and everything. In VirtualCenter, the error looked like this:

This piece of information did not help much in relation to troubleshooting.

The only thing that was different with the new host was that is was configured from the service console (COS) as its NICs were DOA. I had used my own guide for this, so I thought I was in good shape ;-).

A more descriptive error was to be found in the VirtualCenter agent log file on the host (/var/log/vmware/vpx/vpxa.log). Grepping for the word "error" gave the following output:

errorcat = "hostipaddrsdiffer",
errotext = "cmd addnote failed for primary node: Host misconfigured. IP address of ... not found on local interface"

Earlier on, I had changed the IP address, as the first one assigned was already in use, but I'd forgotten to change the IP address in the /etc/hosts file. After doing that and restarting the network (service network restart), everything worked fine.

As a side node, I can mention that it can be pretty confusing manoeuvering through the various log files. Check this post by Eric Siebert for further explanation of VMware log files on VI3.

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