Thursday, September 10, 2020

How to check Visual Studio limits and reset date in Azure

With a Visual Studio subscription (formerly MSDN) in Azure you get a monthly usage quoata which can be used for testing purposes. There are two types of subscription:

  • Visual Studio Professional (50 USD/month)
  • Visual Studio Enterprise (150 USD/month)

The subscription is personal to the employee and is typically acquired by the employer and assigned to the employee on the employee email address.

You can manage your subscription and activate it from here:

Once you start using the subscription (typically assicioated with a new Azure AD tenant that you create), you can see the current usage in by going to:

Subscriptions -> Overview -> Scroll to the bottom of the page

Below image shows limit in local currency.

If you want to know when your monthly reset is (if you're running low), then on the same page click on the "Manage" button marked in green above.

This will take to where you can see reset date and cost breakdown, see below:

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