Sunday, June 26, 2022

ARM template - simple Ubuntu VM for troubleshooting

 This ARM template for this VM deploys a small Ubuntu Server v20.04. It assumes that all networking is in place (VNet, subnet, NSG) and is similar in specs as the Win2k19 server described here.

No public IP configured.

ARM template can be found on Github (vm-srv-002-ubuntu20.json)

Login method is using SSH keys (not username and password), so a key pair has to be created in advance. There are multiple ways of doing this, see here for more info. And neat way to create a key pair is via the Azure Portal. Go to Portal -> All Services -> SSH Keys -> Create. This will create a new key pair, store the public key in Azure and let you download the private key. The public key will have to be added to the parameters file for the 'adminPublicKey' parameter.

Note that if you are using Putty to connect to the VM, you first have to convert the .pem file to the .ppk format which Putty uses. This can be done by using Puttygen (simply import your pem key and save the private key as a ppk file, see more info here). 

When opening Putty, specify the private key under Connection -> SSH -> Auth, see below:

 The OS version is the current latest one, v20.04, see below:

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