Saturday, June 25, 2022

Deploy an AKS cluster using an ARM template

 If you want to deploy an AKS (Azure Kubernetes Services) cluster, there is a useful QuickStart guide for this purpose, see link here.

If you click on the "Deploy to Azure" button, you can set the required parameters and download the ARM template from there.

I have tested this in my own environment and have uploaded the corresponding template to Github, see link to files here (aks-pr-weu-001.json). Had to make some minor adjustments such as choosing a VM SKU that is available in the West Europe region and adjusting disk size to not be null (set it to 0 to get default disk size for the sku.

The QuickStart template let's you generate a new SSH key pair, but I created my own in advance via the cloud shell, So if reusing the template from Github remember to add you own public key file in the parameters file.

Validating the deployment and deploying the application I did via the cloud shell as well, see below.

The deployment consists of an AKS cluster with one agent pool with three agents/VMs running in the pool, see screenshot below.

If you follow the guide and create the .yaml file, it will publish the voting app which is reachable via a public IP address.

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