Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Azure policy: Auto create DNS records in private DNS zones using multiple zones

 There are certain Azure PaaS services that when used together with private endpoints, require not just one A record in one DNS (as is the case for most PaaS services) but multiple A records in multiple private DNS zones (PDNS).

Examples of PaaS services that require this are (see here for full list): 

  • Azure Monitor
  • Power BI
  • Azure Data Explorer
  • Azure Arc
  • Azure Health Data Services

When using private endpoints at scale, MSFT recommends using Azure Policy for the A record creation. I've described this in a previous article, see here.

But the MSFT policy to create DNS records can only handle a single PDNS zone, not multiple PDNS zones.

I found a fix to this on the 'Blog Cloud63' in this post (and here's a direct link to his policy definition), so thanks goes to Vincent Misson for that.

He basically expands on the MSFT policy for the resource 'privateDnsZoneGroups' by adding a copy loop to the properties of the resource. The copy loop then goes through an array of PDNS zone resource IDs and adds multiple items under properties. The privateDnsZoneGroups resource is what actually creates the A record in the PDNS zones.

Below you can see snippet of the code with the copy loop (modified policy):

And without the copy loop (default MSFT policy)

I have uploaded my slightly modified version of the policy to Github.

It has been tested with Azure Monitor, specifically with private endpoints for Azure Monitor Private Link Scope (AMPLS) and it works as expected (11 records are created in 5 separate PDNS zones).

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