Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Azure: VNet with VNet peering in bicep

 Here's a bicep file including a module which installs a VNet and a VNet peering to an existing VNet. A VNet peering consists of a local and a remote peering. The remote peering is installed outside the scope of the current deployment (in a different resource group) and so has to be addressed specifically. With ARM templates this is solved by using nested templates. With bicep this is done using modules (a separate bicep file which is referenced from the main bicep file).

The bicep file references an existing VNet (which typically would be a Hub VNet). So this has to be implemented beforehand.

To use the files, simply update the parameters file with relevant info. And update the path to the module in the bicep file. If you deploy using Azure Pipelines or Github Actions make sure that the module file is not placed anywhere where it will be deployed (this throws an error), it should just be referenced.

The files are available here on Github:




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