Friday, September 11, 2009

Problems showing performance stats in VC after DB upgrade

We had an incident the other day about a VirtualCenter v2.5 U4 not showing performance statistics for the VM's. It was possible to see live stats for e.g. CPU and memory usage. But changing the chart options to 'weekly' or 'monthly' resulted in a 'Performance data is currently not available for this entity'.

Recently the backend SQL Express server for this VC had been upgraded to a SQL 2005 Standard edition and this was the reason for the error.

In the SQL server, there are three stat-roolup-jobs (which are the ones creating the perf stats in VC) which were not automatically created during the upgrade. These had to be added manually following this KB article from VMware. These are:
  • Past Day stats rollup
  • Past Week stats rollup
  • Past Month stats rollup
After adding the jobs and waiting a couple of hours for all of the jobs to have run, everything worked just fine (The VC DB is called VCDB - UMDB is for Update Manager).

Below is a screendump from the SQL Management Studio after the jobs had been added:




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