Thursday, September 10, 2009

SVMotion with .vmdk's on different LUN's

Yesterday, I had to extend a number of disks on a VM. There were about seven .vmdk's spread over three different LUN's which were all out of space. In VI3 there's really no good way to increase a LUN (unless you use extend, but don't), so to increase the disk sizes of the .vmdk's, a larger LUN had to be created onto which the .vmdk's could be moved before extending them.

The storage guys create a 1 TB LUN for the VM. So, I wanted to use SVMotion to move the .vmdk's one by one to the new LUN. If you start out with a disk that is not the primary, or OS, disk you will get an error (I'm using the GUI plugin from Lost Creations), so you can only move the primary disk. However, when you move that primary disk, all of the .vmdk's attached to that VM will be moved with the VM at the same time and will be placed on the target LUN.

So when SVMotioning, all .vmdk's attached to that VM are moved at the same time. Therefore, make sure to have enough space on the target LUN.

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