Saturday, September 15, 2012

Applying a default host profiles in vSphere 5.1 cluster fails

I was playing around with host profiles in my vSphere 5.1 home lab today. It was easy enough to create a baseline by selecting a given host in a cluster. But, without having changed anything, when I tried to check for compliance I received the following error:

"A general system error occurred: Failed to run Execute operation on IP address '192.168.1.x' is used for multiple virtual NICs"

I was pretty sure that I had only used that IP address for the service console, or the management interface, for one host.

To fix it, it is necessary to modify the profile as it is trying to apply the same IP address to the vmk0 (the management interface) of the other host(s) in the cluster.

Go to Network configuration -> Host virtual NIC -> dvSwitch ->IP address settings ->IPv4 address (assuming you are using a dvSwitch for vmk0) and change the option to:

'User specified IPv4 address to be used while applying the configuration', see screenshot below.

Then update the answer file for each host and rerun the compliance check.

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  1. Seems like every iteration of vSphere causes another headache with host profiles. Good catch.


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