Monday, July 11, 2022

Azure Firewall with Azure policy and IP groups using Bicep

 In the previous post I deployed a firewall with some additional components such as VMs, NSGs, and route tables to have a working test setup. In this post it will mainly be the FW, the FW policies and the IP groups that will be deployed.

This post is based on the this Quickstart template with only a few modifications. The main reason I do this is to verify that the files work in my environment to inspect deployed resources.

I have uploaded the modified files to Github (fw-with-policy-001.bicep and fw-with-policy-001.parameters.json). 

The resources deployed can be seen below:

The two IP groups are used in combination with the policy. The policy is associated with the firewall. The are two rule collection groups defined with a total of three rules, see below two screenshots:

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