Thursday, May 21, 2009

A first look at installing ESX 4.0 GA

As most people probably know by now, vSphere 4.0 was released in GA earlier today (2009.05.21). To try it out, I have installed ESX 4.0 in Workstation 6.5.1 on a Lenovo T61 - and it works fine. For those who haven't had a chance to play with it yet, here's some screenshots of the installation process, see below.

Workstation VM settings:
  • OS type: Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 64-bit
  • Mem: 2 GB (that was minimum on the beta)
  • Network: Bridged (tick the "Replicate physical network connection state)
  • Processor: 1, choose Intel-VT or AMD-V as preferred mode

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