Saturday, May 30, 2009

Top VMware blogs and sites - in short

If you're new to VMware it can be a little overwhelming to figure out what and where to get info to get started. The web is full of excellent blogs and sites with VMware stuff, not to mention the VMware communities. I've come across numerous sites that list top blogs and sites and they are very rich on info but maybe it's a little too much if you're just starting out. So in stead of going full throttle, I will list just a few of the most popular blogs and sites. If you follow these, then you'll get a good picture on what's going on. I recommend using an RSS reader like Netvibes for keeping the overview. Here's the sites I recommend:

Blogs - Duncan Depping, VMware Employee. One of the most popular VMware blogs. - Eric Sloof, has his own consulting firm. Dutch guy. The Netherlands is probably one of the most advanced European countries in regards to VMware. - Go ugly green with Rich Brambley - EMC guy. Writes some very technical an in depth posts


VMware Communities - an account in the communities is a must. People here are very fast to respond and very helpful. Try google before you post, though...


vSphere Land - this site has two very cool subsites. vLuanchpad is a comprehensive list of top blogs and sites. Use this if you want to get further inspiration. And then the Top 10 lists where I especially like the one with Tools.

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