Wednesday, May 20, 2009

P2V - Error with NIC after migration with static IP

When doing a P2V and the server has to have a static IP address after the migration, then you may recieve an error message stating that there's an IP conflict and the ip is already configured on an existing NIC - even though only one VMware NIC is visible in network connections.

The reason is that the physical NICs have not been entirely uninstalled in Windows, they still exist in the device manager as hidden devices. Do the following to uninstall the hidden NICs:

Open a command prompt and type the following commands:

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1

Click ‘View’ and then click ‘Show Hidden Devices’.
Expand the Network Adapters tree and right click the dimmed network adapter and click ‘Uninstall’ (You may also see a hidden 'RAS async adapter' device under NICs. This cannot be uninstalled. However, it doesn't matter as it doesn't influence the NIC issue, so just leave it).

Now you can configure the static IP with no errors.


  1. You saved my life with that buddy, thanks.

  2. Thanks for this, EXACTLY what I needed to get a proper fix in place.

    I didn't think of looking for hidden devices so did a netsh int ip reset to remove network settings on hidden NICs so that I could use those same network settings on the actual NIC.

    This is far more elegant :)


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