Sunday, May 24, 2009

Visio stencils for VMware - icons and diagrams

When making visio diagrams of virtual infrastructures, there are plenty of icons for depicting the IT infrastructure. But when it comes to VMware and virtualization specific icons, then Visio is all out. Earlier on, one could go to the VMware VIOPS page to download the official VMware stencils. Today, it seems, that VMware is releasing only the icons in Powerpoint format. These (ppt icons) can be downloaded here.

Maish Saidel-Keesing over at Technodrone has taken it upon him to convert these icons and diagrams into a set of Visio stencils which will give you all you need for making boss friendly diagrams (latest update 2012.06.11). These stencils are compatible with Visio 2010.

The VMware Visio stencils can be downloaded here.

A new set of VMware View stencils has been release on 2012.09.17 by Joshua Townsend at


  1. Could please update the link to the new version here?


    1. Hi Maish,
      Nice work on updating the stencils. They are immensely popular. Post has been updated to reflect new links.


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