Saturday, April 11, 2009

Draw a nice Visio digram from your VC using Powershell

If you have been drawing infrastructure diagrams in Visio of your company setup, you know how cumbersome it can be - especially as the infrastructure changes often. In stead of manually changing your Visio drawings, here's a new tool, that can depict an exact copy of your Virtual Center (now vCenter) or a given cluster - or from a given host - in Visio.

You need to have Powershell and VI Toolkit installed to run script. See here for installation instructions.

1. Go to Virtu-al for further instructions. Download the file.
2. Once extracted copy the 'My-VI-Shapes.vss' file to your 'My Documents\My Shapes' folder. If the folder does not exist create it and copy the file in.
3. Run the powershell script (Start-> VMware VI Toolkit -> VMware VI Toolkit ) with the following options:
To diagram the entire Infrastructure:
vDiagram.ps1 -VIServer MYVISERVER or HOST
To diagram a specific cluster use the following:
vDiagram.ps1 -VIServer MYVISERVER -Cluster "Production Cluster"

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