Sunday, April 12, 2009

Howto: Extend system partition with Diskpart

Diskpart is a useful tool for extending logical Windows partitions (typically d-drive) which are not system partitions (c-drive) from within Windows without having to boot on a PXE-cd and rearrange partitions with e.g. Partition Magic. See here for Diskpart instructions.

Here's a workaround for extending the system or boot partition with diskpart (this will only work if the c-drive is the only partition on the .vmdk file). The logic of it is to take the whole .vmdk file and attach it to another VM as a second disk. This way Diskpart will let you extend a system partition:

1. Shut down the VM on which you whish to extend c-drive (c-drive-VM)
2. Create a new temporary VM (temp-VM)
3. Create a new disk on the temp-VM and choose 'Attach existing .vmdk file'. Browse for the .vmdk file of the c-drive-VM
4. Edit settings for the temp-VM and chose the newly added disk and resize it to new size.
5. Boot temp-VM and extend using Diskpart (you may need to assign a drive letter to disk in Disk Management)
6. Shut down temp-VM
7. Delete disk from temp-VM
8. Now the disk has been extended but it c-drive-VM it still shows as the original size. Therefore, delete the disk from c-drive-VM and add it again. This way, the correct disk size will show.
9. Boot c-drive-VM. Done.

Now, maybe this is not a super elegant way to go about it, but if you have a temp-VM ready then it's probably a little quicker than using the old way...

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