Monday, April 13, 2009

Howto: Power off or kill a VM that is stuck

If you have a VM that is stuck and you can't power it off via Virtual Center, then here's some usable commands for troubleshooting and killing the VM from the Service Console:

Show running VM's:

vm-support -x
vmware-cmd -l

See the current state of a VM:

vmware-cmd /<path-to-vmx-file> getstate

Show running processes related to a given VM:

ps -auxwww grep <name-of-VM>
(Remember the 'pipe' character before grep-command - I can't display here...)

If you see an 'S' next to the process, then it can be killed. If it's a 'D', then the process is defunct and you may have to reboot the ESX server to kill the process.

Kill the proces, and thereby the VM:

kill -9 <process id>

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