Wednesday, April 15, 2009

EVC - CPU compability for VMotion

EVC (Enhanced VMotion Compability) increases the VMotion possibilities between different processor generations. EVC is introduced from ESX v3.5 u2 and Virtual Center v2.5 u2.

Intel Nehalem processor type is supported from ESX v3.5 u4 (and VC2.5 u2 minimum, I guess)

Link to KB article

Link to Nehalem architecture on Wikipedia

Update 2011.03.18: A BL460cG6 (E5520 Nehalem 45 nm) is compatible together with a BL460cG7 (E5620 Nehalem 32 nm Westmere) in an EVC cluster with Intel Xeon Core i7 (currently second highest level for intel processors) level enabled. However, if Intel Xeon Core i7 32 nm is chosen, then only G7 blades can be used.

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